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LaKeshia Parker Small

Family Law Attorney

*See below for some of Attorney LaKeshia Parker Small’s Career Highlights

After working as an Assistant District Attorney in Suffolk County and then as a prosecuting attorney at the Department of Children and Families (DCF), Attorney LaKeshia Parker Small decided to focus her legal experience and skill set to assist people going through complex divorce and custody cases make their future better.

Attorney Parker Small has the unbelievable negotiation tactics and creativity necessary to find options for settlement that often help avoid lengthy litigation. Through her undergraduate studies in psychology, she has developed the talent to often walk opposing parties through an exercise that results in that party offering her client the result her client initially wanted, all while thinking it was actually the other side’s idea. When this happens, more people walk away feeling like the case is a win-win, and in the end, these types of results save a lot of time, money, and stress for everyone. LaKeshia deeply cares about her client’s issues and wants to see them thrive, so she approaches her role as an advocate seriously.

Attorney Parker Small has vast experience dealing with high-conflict divorce and custody cases often involving DCF, substance abuse, parental alienation, or domestic violence. She is fierce when it comes to obtaining a necessary restraining order for protection, but just as fierce when it comes to defending someone who has had false allegations thrown at them due to the unscrupulous strategy often seen in family court by someone looking to get an upper hand before the case begins. And, of course, LaKeshia is the firm’s go-to when it comes to DCF work based off her prior experience.

Education & Expertise

Some of Attorney LaKeshia Parker Small’s Career Highlights include:

  • Negotiated a settlement in a long-term marriage that allowed our client to keep the entirety of her 6-figure inheritance plus an equitable split of all other marital assets
  • Successfully litigated a contempt and won an award for attorney fees against a mother who vaccinated children against the father’s wishes
  • Successfully obtained a Restraining Order for a husband against a jealous, physically abusive wife who had begun stalking him, tracking his car, and breaking into his email account
  • Obtained 50/50 custody for a mother after the father falsely accused her of domestic violence and had her removed from the home as well as access to the property to spend time with her animals even though father had possession of the home
  • Suspended parenting time of a father who had physically disciplined a child, which was reduced and required to be supervised after his time was reinstated
  • Obtained a significant temporary alimony award for a wife whose husband obtained a Restraining Order against her, which removed her from the home with no money, no employment, and nowhere to live
  • Terminated alimony payments for a payor whose medical condition had prevented him from continuing to work and successfully prevented a finding of contempt relative to the $12,000 in arrears that had been accrued before Attorney Parker Small became involved
  • Increased a father’s parenting time from 4 hours per week to a plan that included overnights, weekends, holidays, and vacation time
  • Helped a client navigate the DCF process which allowed for the case to be closed in a couple of months rather than the numerous years the issues in the case would typically have justified
  • Won an order allowing a client to recover over 8 years of child support arrears and attorney fees
  • Obtained a Restraining Order against a juvenile who had been sexually inappropriate with a special needs child

Attorney Parker Small graduated with a double major in Italian and Psychology from the University of Missouri in Columbia. She then went on to earn her J.C. from Boston University School of Law with a concentration in Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

In her free time, LaKeshia can be found spending time with her husband and two children, experimenting with new recipes, or punching and kicking away life’s frustrations at her local kickboxing gym.

Attorney Parker Small is based out of our Hanover office in Plymouth County, but also regularly practices in Worcester County, Bristol County, Middlesex County, Suffolk County, Norfolk County, Essex County, and Barnstable County.

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