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Mary Smith

Case Manager

Mary brings over a decade of probate and family law experience within Massachusetts to our firm! Her sharp eye for the caveats that people often miss in family law, coupled with her empathy for people who are going through tough times in their lives, has made her a great asset to our team. Mary has handled a diverse array of family law issues including complex financial statements, obtaining valuations, witness preparation, and extensive discovery requests and responses. She is incredibly detail orientated and helps all our client's cases to stay on track so that they can be resolved as efficiently and effectively as possible. She is more than just a paralegal; she is the maestro leading our legal team's orchestra to ensure all the different melodies work together to create something beautiful for each of our clients.

What does she love most about family law? Mary says, "It is client-centered, being a voice for children and looking out for their best interests, the ability to turn negatives into successes." This is exactly why she fits in so perfectly with our team!

Mary completed post-graduate studies in Financial Accounting at Northeastern University, and earned her Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Western New England University. And for someone who loves facts and numbers, she is likely to be one of the most bubbly and positive people that you will ever meet. While not managing the case flow within our firm, Mary's first love is her family, including her three kids and her Newfoundland Sonic. She's also a big sports fan, switching between watching Patriots and Woosox games depending on the season. On the weekends, you might find her volunteering at local food banks, reading to children in nonprofit programs, or baking her award-winning cookies! Her favorite quote sums up everything she believes in, which is “Don’t give up at half time. Concentrate on winning the second half.” -Bear Bryant

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