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Intake Specialist & Client Care Representative
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O’Connor Family Law does not accept just any client who calls us. We only want to represent people who we believe in and show that they can take direction and help strategize how to create a path to a better future rather than simply hang onto the anger and resentment of the past. Our firm also wants to make sure that every client who hires us gets the first-class representation that we pride ourselves on and always has someone checking in on them emotionally, not just legally.

This is where Kayla comes in, and she is an absolute Rockstar. Her focus is on listening to the people who call our firm with questions seeking legal representation through their family law issue to provide them with peace of mind throughout their legal process. She gets to know you before our attorneys hear about your background. You are not just a “case,” and Kayla makes sure your individual needs are met through our firm from the first time you call in until after your case is over. You truly get a team rooting for you and working for you when you join O’Connor Family Law.

Through the intake process, Kayla helps our legal team to be able to stay focused solely on our clients by obtaining all the necessary background information and getting to know you and the challenges you’re facing. Other firms may have an attorney get on the phone or meet with you right away, but we don’t do that here because our attorney’s time is valuable and their focus is always on our clients, not someone who might not be a good fit for our firm.

The Value Kayla Provides

Kayla helps us provide first-rate legal representation through conducting a thorough intake process.

This process ensures that:

  • the case the person is calling about is an issue that we focus on.
  • the case the person is calling about is in a jurisdiction that we practice in.
  • the ex of the person calling has never had an attorney-client relationship with us before.
  • any questions the caller has about the firm are able to be answered.
  • people who our firm does not want to work with are weeded out.
  • there is a smooth transition from the time you contact our firm to when you become a client.
  • you have a solid liaison with the legal staff while your case gets up and running within the firm.
  • consistency as she follows up with all our clients while their cases are pending to ensure all concerns and promises are being kept.

This process enables our legal staff to do what they do best – represent our clients, while people who are not yet our clients get the individualized attention and care that they also deserve!

As you can see – Kayla is invaluable in this role to our firm and to our clients. We’ve been told that the way our firm answers the phone helps put our clients at ease immediately. Many of our clients say they were ready to hire us from that very first interaction! Most people calling us have never had to call an attorney’s office before and are extremely nervous about what to expect. Kayla is the calm and security they need at the exact moment they need it!

Education & Background

Kayla has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Behavior from the University of South Florida. She has extensive experience as a litigation assistant at a top firm in Boston. What she has learned in her career is that when client happiness comes first, the best results seem to follow!

In her personal time, Kayla has donated her time as an animal foster parent, she loves sports, her forever pets (three dogs and a cat who thinks he’s a dog), baking, and hanging out with her husband. We are very lucky to have her on our team here at O’Connor Family Law!

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