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Anyone who has dealt with Lori Joyce, knows that Lori is the true boss at O’Connor Family Law. She is passionate and committed to providing our clients with a high level of service and attention on a very personal level that creates such a great experience for our clients.

With more than two decades of legal experience, Lori Joyce has developed a sharp eye for how divorce and custody litigation can be complicated with inefficiencies and miscommunication—and, with this, she has helped our firm develop a smoother, more efficient, and strategically focused organization that always provides a personal touch.

Lori's Role

As a paralegal who has built a successful career path, Lori assists the lawyers at O’Connor Family Law in creating litigation readiness systems and provides an efficient way for cost effective representation. Her previous paralegal positions were at two different firms that has given her the skills to assist with your case in all phases of litigation.

Lori has assisted attorneys on cases ranging from simple uncontested divorces to divorces involving complex business structures and asset divisions involving multi-millions of dollars. She has been heavily involved in cases involving parental alienation and extremely contested custody disputes where parties have obtained frivolous restraining orders against our clients in order to get an upper-hand in the family court matter.

Education & Expertise

Ms. Joyce graduated from Quincy College with an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies and continues to participate in education to stay updated on all new and revised areas of law and procedure within the Family Court system.

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