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Attorney Sasha Khan is a determined, highly educated, and successful family law attorney with the main goal of helping people get through the conflict involved in custody and divorce cases in a way that not only helps them get a great result, but helps them keep their sanity during the process.

Family law is not always about getting the other side to do what you want, but sometimes, it’s about creating a situation that makes the other side think they’re getting what they want while it gets you the outcome you desire. That’s what we call a win-win, and something that Attorney Khan is incredible at.

The devil is always in the details, and Attorney Khan’s attention to the details that others may often overlook have caused her to become a favorite with our clients. Attorney Khan has a natural ability to tell her client’s side of the story to the Court in a way that makes everything extremely relatable, which leads to getting better results.

After a personal experience with family law, Attorney Khan decided to use her legal talents to completely focus on helping others going through tough situations, and our clients at O’Connor Family Law are so glad she is here.

Attorney Khan received her fundamental education at the Islamic Academy of New England, Al-Noor Academy, and Islamic Center of New England High School. She also attended Quincy College at the age of 17 through a dual-enrollment program. By the time she was 22, she graduated from Suffolk University Law School.

Her legal brilliance is only second to her undeniable compassion and methods. Attorney Khan’s approach in family law matters is to understand your story and what is important to you, customize an in-depth strategy that fits your story and works toward achieving your goals, continuously keep you involved in the process with open communication, and conduct a cost-benefit analysis of what you are fighting for with what it may cost to get the desired outcome to help retain efficiency during the process.

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