Can I Be Compensated To Care For My Mother Or Other Family Member?

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Helping to care for those that cared for you can seem like a simple decision to many people and a complicated decision to others. Time spent caring for your mother or other family member means time away from your family or from generating to generate income, and therefore, you may find this decision to care for them an unrealistic one. What if there was a way to earn income by helping to make their life more comfortable by receiving care from you? In Massachusetts, children, friends, or neighbors can be hired as a Personal Care Attendant. This allows them to provide for their loved ones and see that they are taken care of while being compensated for their time away from their own family.

How Do I Know if I am Eligible for Compensation?

There are eligibility guidelines in place to make sure that you qualify for compensation during this time. Hiring an experienced law firm can make sure that you are within eligibility guidelines and are compensated appropriately from the beginning, easing the transition for you and allowing your focus to remain on the care of your family member.

What Type of Care is Compensated?

In general, caring for an adult is recognized as making sure their daily needs are met. This can include routine needs like helping them to bathe, groom, and perform other personal hygiene, as well as toileting, dressing, and other needs. They may also need assistance in household tasks, such as preparing meals, grocery shopping, laundry, or cleaning. If their health is declining or if they have Alzheimer’s or dementia, these daily tasks can be more involved. As there is a multitude of ways in which age affects each person, these tasks can vary greatly. At O’Connor Family Law, we have supported many families who have worked together with us to ensure their loved one is taken care of and are also compensated for their time. We look forward to assisting you, too.

Why do I Need to Seek Guidance in This Process?

Although caring for your parent or other adults in need seems like an easy decision to make, it can bring concerns or questions to mind as to how to make it all work. Our law firm can help you look into some of these questions and scenarios that we have seen in other families that we have helped and allow you to make sure you have a thorough knowledge of what may arise and how to proceed. Compensation for your time may be necessary for your taking on this honor so that your own household can continue to operate effectively. Let us help walk you through the process so that your decision can be an easier one, ensuring that you are compensated accordingly for your time and care. Contact us today at (774) 315-4220.

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