How Do I Legally Change My Name In Massachusetts?

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You can file for a name change in Massachusetts if you are 18 years of age or older. The reasons for wanting to change your name are personal to you, and we can help you feel less overwhelmed in the process. We can help you to file a Change of Name Petition, gather the necessary documents (there can be a long list of documents that you need in order to file, which we will walk you through), and determine the correct amount of fees to get the process started for you.

When Does a Legal Name Change Not Apply?

There are a few situations that don’t require you to file a case and pay a fee to legally change your name. Upon getting married, for example, handling the name change on the marriage license allows you to change your last name without filing a case. Similarly, in the case of divorce, your name change is completed upon the finalization of your divorce. Also, if you’re in the process of becoming a naturalized citizen, changing your name is done through a different set of guidelines that we can help to walk you through as well. O’Connor Family Law has handled a multitude of unique cases, and we are confident in answering your questions about whether a legal name change case is needed.

How Long Does The Process Take To Change My Name?

Typically, this process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. There are some time-consuming parts in this process of gathering the correct documents, which we can help you with, filing the petition, and then being patient while your case makes its way through the courts. It is helpful to have a professional in this process so that your documents are clear and conciseso that there are fewer hiccups along the way and less room for error.

What if I Want To Legally Change the Name of a Minor?

Changing the name of a minor is similar to an adult name change; however, there are a few different requirements as the child can’t file for himself or herself. There is a different set of guidelines put in place. For example, the petitioner must have custody of the child in order to file. If one parent is deceased, this again changes the requirements to follow for the desired name change.

Each situation is unique, and with proven success in handling these cases in the past, O’Connor Family Law is a great resource for you in this process. We look forward to helping you with all of your name change needs. Contact O’Connor Family Law today at (774) 315-4220 and get started with your name change.

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