No matter how you came across this resource, we’re glad you’re here. It means that you are likely staring down a significant change in your life that comes along with some huge questions, so you are looking likely for a way to make sense of them.

This is exactly the first step you should be taken whenever you come to a major crossroads! So, first, we’d like to extend our congratulations to you on being proactive in trying to navigate this situation.

In order to figure out the best way forward, you need answers that help you figure out what the best way forward is for you. That’s what we want to try and provide you here.

Before we continue, we need to talk about what this book is and what this book isn’t.

This book is intended to be a primer on divorce in Massachusetts to give you a general understanding of what you can expect. In no way should you construe the contents of this book as legal advice that you can use to build a case strategy or on what you should or shouldn’t do moving forward. Because every person and every family is so different, there is nothing about family law that is “one size fits all.”

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