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Nicole serves as a dedicated paralegal providing compassionate support to clients navigating the intricacies of family legal matters.

Some men see things as they are, and ask “Why?” I dream things that never were, and ask “Why not?”

Robert F. Kennedy
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Robert F. Kennedy

Some men see things as they are, and ask “Why?” I dream things that never were, and ask “Why not?”

Her Story
Her Story

Nicole calls the bustling streets of Cebu City, Philippines, home. With a background in pharmacy, she always had a heart for helping others. However, her journey took an unexpected turn when she pursued law, driven by a deep-rooted passion for social justice.

After passing the Philippine Bar, Nicole’s mission is clear: she advocates for change, particularly in family law. In a country where divorce is not yet legal, she firmly believes in the importance of recognizing when relationships are irreparable, especially when children are involved.

Nicole began working at O’Connor Family Law, where she now supports our team as a paralegal. Here, she combines her legal knowledge with her compassionate nature to support clients during some of life’s most challenging moments.

During her downtime, Nicole finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. A lover of fashion, she enjoys expressing herself through her unique sense of style. When she’s not at work, you can find her soaking up quality time with loved ones, whether it’s hitting the road with friends or cozying up at home for a movie marathon.

Nicole’s story is one of resilience, compassion, and unwavering determination. She embodies the belief that through empathy and advocacy, positive change is not just possible but inevitable. It is these goals and values that have made her such a valuable member of our team.

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