Westborough, MA
I had a long tough divorce and was completely taken advantage of. A few years ago, my ex tried to go after me again for more money and while I waited to go in front of the judge, again, with no attorney, I watched this amazing, tiny, woman attorney tear down this old man as attorney and put him in his place. This was Heather O’Connor! When I got up in front of the judge I said I needed to get an attorney so it was postponed. I waited in the hall for Heather to become available. She listened to me and said she would take my case. When we went back to court, she greeted me with a genuine hug. She fought for me that day and I could tell she genuinely cared about me and was so sympathetic for what I had gone through in the past. She was successful in helping me and has helped me on a couple other occasions since then. She even cut her fee to help me when I was going through radiation and chemotherapy for throat cancer. This woman, mother, now friend is the most amazing compassionate, professional attorney I have ever known and I will forever be grateful for her. I also want to add, every person in her firm I have ever spoken with is so courteous and professional and full of compassion as Heather is. Thank you all so much for everything you have done for me!