Westborough, MA
I will be totally honest with you when I contacted Heather O’Connor I was worried. You see, I hate lawyers. I have never once met one that I trusted and fired one that I had hired right in the middle of court even. WOW has my mindset changed. I contacted Heather about a case that is just, really something that belongs on Lifetime movie, you know, the ones about the guy that lives in a different world then everyone else on earth? Anyhow our case was about jurisdiction/improper venue and let me tell you, Heather is AH-MAH-ZING. Not only did she constantly stay in touch with me, deal with my emotional moments, Heather kicked butt and won so our case will be heard in the state it should not Massachusetts. I read someone had said Heather was like a lion in court ready to pounce, that is so true. I really and truly think that when Heather walks into court somewhere in hell Satan shakes with fear. Heather stands up for what is right and won’t blow smoke at you. She will tell you like it is and what you need to do. Honesty, Integrity and Badassery explains Heather A. O’Connor. If you want someone that means what she says call her, seriously call her now, she is what I wish EVERY lawyer was. Just amazing and I seriously will never be able to thank her enough for honestly saving my kids lives. THANK YOU HEATHER!!!!!!