Hanover High Asset Divorce Attorney

When couples divorce in Massachusetts, the level to which the court is involved in the process can also determine the level of control that the ex-spouses are able to maintain over the division of their assets. If a couple owns multiple properties and high-value items, whether boats, art, jewelry, or other objects, it is essential that these objects be accurately appraised, and effectively incorporated into the overall divorce proceeding. The courts are willing to provide assistance in the valuation of assets in a high-net-worth divorce, but often their experts lack the level of sophistication necessary to accurately value certain high-value objects. 

The most effective way to maintain control over your Massachusetts high asset divorce is by working with an experienced Hanover divorce lawyer from O’Connor Family Law. Our high asset  divorce lawyers have the experience and know-how needed to ensure that your assets are accurately and completely measured, and while not all assets can be split evenly 50/50, we can ensure that your overall marital property and assets are equitably divided in accordance with Massachusetts law. 

Mediation is a Viable Option to Maintain Control and to Accurately Measure and Divide Resources

One of the most effective tools at your disposal within the context of a high asset divorce in Massachusetts is mediation. Through mediation, you and your ex-spouse are able to engage in civil negotiations with your attorney present through the help of a third-party mediator. You and your ex-spouse can agree upon the value of certain assets together, or you may agree upon a third-party appraiser to undertake the measurement of the value of your shared assets. 

For example, if you own a primary residence, a vacation home by the Cape, and a sailboat docked nearby, the value of the vacation home and sailboat may not equal that of the primary residence, but the spouses might agree that it would be a fair trade in value. When couples are able to come to independent agreements and then present those to the court, the likelihood that their desired outcomes will be achieved is also supported. 

When Children are Involved the Marital Home Takes on a Central Role

Often the most valuable asset in a divorce regardless of the overall value of the marital assets is the primary residence or marital home. When children are involved in the marriage, their best interests will generally take precedence over other concerns within the context of the divorce. If significant equity has been invested into the home, the party that remains in the home generally must compensate the other party. This compensation is generally achieved either through the sale of the home and agreeing to split the proceeds, or by a party keeping the house agreeing to compensate the other party with other assets to achieve an equitable split. 

One spouse remaining in the marital home and compensating the other spouse for the value they retain is generally called a “buyout”. In determining which party keeps the marital home, the court considers which spouse is in a better financial position in terms of being able to afford to maintain the home and pay for any related mortgage payments. The courts will also take into account the best interests of any children, and will generally seek to have the children remain with the primary caretaker in the home. 

Your Hanover Divorce Lawyer Will Draft an Advantageous Plan to Follow

One of the first steps your high asset Hanover divorce attorney will complete for you is a thorough division analysis of your property. You will then be advised on what the best possible strategy is in your unique situation, and how to go about achieving it. Our highly experienced divorce lawyers will carefully craft a plan tailored to the unique facts and circumstances of your situation – avoiding common issues and roadblocks – and then execute it to achieve the best chances possible of getting you the assets that you want within the context of the divorce decree. 

Self-Representation Can be Risky 

While some individuals going through a divorce believe that they have an adequate grasp of the process to represent themselves, this is not always the best decision. The Massachusetts statutes that relate to divorces, particularly those concerning the division of property rights and impact children have upon the process, are highly complex. Without a thorough knowledge of what statutes apply to your unique situation, you run the risk of breaching procedure, missing deadlines, or otherwise placing yourself at a disadvantage. 

Your dedicated Hanover divorce lawyer from O’Connor Family Law will put your best interests front and center, and from there help you build a divorce agreement that takes into account your present property rights and future financial goals. After a thorough assessment of the unique facts and circumstances of your case, we’ll be able to explain how we can add value to the process, and provide you with the support you need through every step of the way. 

Write Your New Story: Explore Options in Your High Asset Divorce with a Hanover Divorce Lawyer

For couples with high levels of equity and assets, working with an experienced Hanover divorce lawyer is all the most essential, and valuable, throughout the process. Our knowledgeable attorneys with over 35 years of combined experience assisting residents of Massachusetts with their high asset divorces has provided us with valuable insight into the process of wealth protection. The purpose of our advocacy is to ensure that you receive your fair share of the property, as required by Massachusetts law, without submitting too much control over the outcome to the courts. 

Hanover divorce attorneys from O’Connor Family Law are standing by to review the unique characteristics of your situation. To get started with your initial consultation, contact us online or give us a call at 774-703-3755 to learn how we can help.