About Our Legal Team

Serving Worcester, Plymouth, Middlesex, Hampshire, Franklin, Suffolk, Essex, Barnstable, Nantucket, Dukes, Bristol, Hampden and Norfolk County

Your team at O’Connor Family Law is committed to working together to bring you consistent, efficient, and first-class representation and service. Unlike hiring a sole practitioner, you are hiring a team of professionals to advocate on your behalf when you have O’Connor Family Law behind you.

We’ve Been There – Let Us Help You Move Forward

Your team could consist of not only a lead attorney, but also junior associates, paralegals, supervising attorneys, client experience specialists, a dedicated life coach, you (you’re the key to success in your own case!) and more. We have found that the team aspect has not only helped to keep costs down, but to ensure that if one of your team members are out sick or on vacation when something important in your case unexpectedly comes up, or if a scheduling conflict arises, you can rest assured that you have someone behind you who is completely up-to-date on your case and can jump in at a moment’s notice.

You will never be double billed for any time more than one team member spends on your case (unless you have specifically requested both attorneys attend court or a meeting with you), so you are essentially getting an entire team for the price of one attorney.

This allows us to easily bounce ideas off one another so we can get more creative and help you obtain the results you want as well as keep cases moving along at a faster pace. This allows you the ability to always be able to reach one of your team members quickly and know you have three people fighting for you. It’s a win-win for everyone. At O’Connor Family Law, we do not just provide legal services, we become a family to our clients, and our results show that this type of partnership produces outstanding outcomes.