Sasha Khan

Senior Associate Attorney

Justice doesn’t just fall into your lap. It’s something you have to fight for, and me, I'm a warrior.

Attorney Khan answered all my questions and very quickly became like a trusted friend. I cannot imagine any other lawyer pulling this off the way Sasha Khan did.

Courtney K, 5-star review
Sasha Khan bio photoSasha Khan bio photo
Courtney K, 5-star review

Attorney Khan answered all my questions and very quickly became like a trusted friend. I cannot imagine any other lawyer pulling this off the way Sasha Khan did.

Her Story
"For me, it's not just about winning cases; it's about restoring hope."
Her Story

Attorney Sasha Khan is a determined, highly educated, and relentless family law litigator with the main goal of ensuring that justice is carried out within the family court system. She has a soft tone that helps bring calm to many of our clients dealing with unnerving situations, but that can change at the drop of a pin when the advocacy hat comes on and she has to argue for what our clients want and what we believe is the right outcome.

Attorney Khan’s legal brilliance is only second to her undeniable compassion and practice methods. Sasha’s approach in family law matters is to understand your story and what is important to you and to customize an in-depth strategy that fits toward achieving your goals. She does this all while continuously keeping you involved in the process with open communication, but while also conducting regular cost-benefit analyses regarding what you are fighting for with what it may cost to get the desired outcome. This helps keep goals realistic and helps keep the process efficient.

Sasha always strives to resolve each divorce and custody case using her expertise in negotiating but understands that all cases cannot be resolved short of trial. Attorney Khan is an excellent trial litigator and has obtained many favorable Post-Trial Judgments for our clients.

Family law is not about getting the other side to do what you want, rather it’s often about creating a situation that makes the other side think they’re getting what they want while it gets you the outcome you desire. That’s what we call a win-win, and it is something that Attorney Khan is incredibly skilled at being able to smoothly accomplish.

The devil is always in the details. Attorney Khan’s attention to the details that others may often overlook have caused her to become a favorite with our clients. Sasha has a natural ability to tell her client’s side of the story to the Court in a way that makes everything extremely relatable, which leads to getting better results because it makes it easier for the Judge to understand and be able to focus on the important issues rather than the kitchen sink the other side often likes to try to throw around the courtroom.

After undergoing her own personal experience within the family law arena, Sasha decided that family law representation is where she wanted to focus her legal talents. That’s where her passion and dedication for her clients stems from.


Career Highlights:

  • Won a trial judgment for a Father that gave him primary custody of a child where the Mother then had to pay him child support
  • Obtained an order where a Judge found that the Mother had been speaking to the child inappropriately about the Father resulting in Mother’s parenting time being limited
  • Regained custody for her client where a relative had obtained emergency guardianship of the child
  • When a Father came into the firm with a restraining order against him and had not had parenting time with his kids for over six months, Attorney Khan was able to modify the restraining order and get a new schedule allowing for substantial unsupervised parenting time
  • Overturned a prior DCF decision that had supported allegations of neglect against a Father and was able to get DCF to state in their findings that the Mother had been falsely alleging abuse to obtain a restraining order against the Father as a litigious strategy against the Father in the divorce
  • Was able to overcome the Wife’s argument that the durational limits for alimony and property division should take into consideration the ten years the couple lived together prior to the divorce so that the only consideration was the actual length of the marriage
  • Has been able to put creative step-up parenting schedules into place to protect the children in cases when there have been safety concerns due to one parent’s behavior
  • After a Father had obtained an emergency custody order preventing the Mother from being near the children, Attorney Khan was able to successfully prove these were false allegations and the children were placed back in Mother’s care with Father’s parenting time being reduced
  • Was awarded attorney fees in a case where the ex-husband had not paid the alimony order from the divorce
  • Won an appeal on a Harassment Prevention Order where the trial court judge incorrectly held that the other party had substantiated their burden of proof to have the order extended
  • Assisted with the extension of numerous restraining orders for clients who desperately needed protection due to true abuse
  • Has obtained numerous denials of protection orders against her clients due to various claims of false or exaggerated abuse
  • Although a Father’s employment required him to carry a firearm, Attorney Khan was able to substantiate her client’s fear of the abuse the Father had put the Mother through that ordered the Father to surrender his firearms despite his job requirements
  • Obtained an order for a Father’s parenting time to be supervised at a visitation center due to Father’s prolonged history of drug abuse
  • Has negotiated a number of high-asset and high-income cases that resulted in a favorable result for her clients
  • In a case where the parties share physical custody but where the child has become suicidal, Attorney Khan presented enough evidence through a Guardian ad Litem investigation to obtain the GAL recommendation that Father should not have any parenting time and that his claims that Mother was engaging in acts of parental alienation were not true

Attorney Khan received her fundamental education at the Islamic Academy of New England, Al-Noor Academy, and Islamic Center of New England High School. She also attended Quincy College at the age of 17 through a dual-enrollment program. By the time she was 22, she obtained her J.D. from Suffolk University Law School and became a lawyer.

Attorney Khan’s case focus involves all matters involving Divorce and Custody, including the incredibly difficult high-conflict cases. She has represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants in Restraining Orders, Harassment Prevention Orders, and Vacate Orders. Attorney Khan is the firm’s go-to when dealing with Appeals. She also has vast experience overturning substantiated allegations of neglect and abuse at DCF Fair Hearings. While representing clients within the Islamic faith, she has gone above and beyond by participating in dispute-resolution meetings with religious leaders.

When she is not fighting for our clients, Sasha enjoys traveling out of the country, cooking, game nights, and spending time with her family. She also practices and keeps close connections with the local Islamic community.

Attorney Khan is based out of our Hanover office in Plymouth County, but also regularly practices in Bristol County, Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Suffolk County, Plymouth County, Worcester County, and Essex County.

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