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Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered

Her Story
"I won't rest until your voice is heard."
Her Story

Many people worry that their divorce, custody, or other family law matters are far too complicated, nuanced or traumatic to be understood, but Attorney Theresa Robinson immediately puts all those fears at ease. After working with Attorney Robinson, her clients often report that they felt heard, understood, and fought for.

Attorney Robinson has an innate sense of justice and understands how difficult and, often, devastating, divorce and custody litigation can be for someone going through it. With a focus on how children are often caught in the middle and are often the most affected by the outcomes within family law, Attorney Robinson stops at nothing to ensure those children’s best interests are prioritized and protected during every step of the litigation.

Although able to come out victorious in the courtroom, Attorney Robinson believes that it is usually going to be best for everyone involved to attempt to amicably resolve all or as many issues as possible through negotiation. When the opposing side is able to put aside differences to work toward a settlement, Attorney Robinson’s mediation skills serve her clients well. However, if the other side is intent on playing dirty or refuses to be reasonable, Attorney Robinson becomes the Mike Tyson of the family court arena.

Some family law attorneys back away from contentious and highly-contested divorce and custody cases, but not Attorney Robinson. She thrives under pressure and takes on the underdog cases where she believes her client is being treated unfairly with enthusiasm and a primal focus on achieving justice. Attorney Robinson regularly litigates cases that involve Guardian ad Litems (GALs), domestic violence allegations, substance abuse issues, personality disorders and mental health issues that are harmful to the children, as well as parental alienation issues. She has represented clients in guardianship cases and DCF matters involving 51A investigations or DCF fair hearings.

If you’re looking for a Massachusetts divorce lawyer or custody lawyer who wears both the negotiation and litigation hats extremely well, then Attorney Robinson will be a great attorney to have in your corner.


Career Highlights:

  • Obtained a post-trial judgment for joint legal and physical custody for a Mother where the Father was alleging the Mother was mentally unstable
  • When a Husband refused to pay alimony to a Wife who had given up her entire life to raise their children, Attorney Robinson won a judgment from the Court that was almost triple what her client had been willing to originally settle on
  • Won a 50/50 parenting schedule where the Father had previously entered into a prior divorce judgment without the use of counsel where he gave up legal custody and left the time he’d spend with his kids at the discretion of the Mother
  • After DCF had removed a child from the Mother, Attorney Robinson was able to get the Father through the hoops necessary within a Care and Protection Case in Juvenile Court to be granted sole legal and physical custody and the right to remove the child to Florida
  • Negotiated a modification judgment that provided her client with everything she was seeking and was able to set the parents up in a manner that would allow for healthy co-parenting moving forward
  • Was able to vacate an emergency order that the Mother had obtained that would have required the Father to bring the child from Florida to Massachusetts as well as winning attorney fees due to the Mother’s fraud against the court
  • Convinced the court to schedule an emergency evidentiary hearing that had initially been denied on a matter where the Mother had moved the child from Massachusetts to Maryland
  • Was granted attorney fees in a case where Attorney Robinson was able to prove that the Father’s claim that his business was not earning money was false after conducting a forensic accounting based on the Father’s actual spending
  • Overcame a Husband’s request to terminate his ex-wife’s alimony payment by showing the court that the Wife needed alimony past retirement age
  • Received an order allowing her client to relocate out of the state with the child
  • After our client’s ex brought continuous allegations to DCF as well as claiming he should have sole legal and physical custody of the children in court, Attorney Robinson defeated these claims to allow Mother to retain the children and prohibit the ongoing narcissistic abuse
  • Mediated numerous amicable divorces so that people were able to avoid litigation
  • Settled many high-net asset divorce cases with an outcome that was in her client’s favor
  • Drafted a cohabitation agreement for a client to preserve their rights when moving in with their significant other to allow them right to some of the equity of the home
  • Created a postnuptial agreement protecting multiple businesses and business interests for her client

Attorney Robinson studied pre-law at La Salle University before graduating from Suffolk University Law School. She has studied tax law and is involved in a number of family law and finance groups to ensure she is up to date on the most recent information relevant to the financial issues her clients face when going through a divorce. Attorney Robinson is a member of both the Women’s Bar Association, the Massachusetts Bar Association, and the American Bar Association.

Outside of her work life, Theresa loves to hang out with her husband and her children. She loves everything about hiking through nature and traveling to Italy.

Attorney Robinson is based out of our Westborough office in Worcester County, but also regularly practices in Hampden County, Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Bristol County, and Suffolk County.

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