“If you leave me, I will make sure you will have nothing. You will have no money. Your kids will hate you. You’ll have nowhere to go. You won’t even be lucky enough to sleep on a park bench at night.”

My name is Heather. I am a domestic violence survivor. My kids are domestic violence survivors. I believe in using the hard times you go through as a way to help others know they’re not alone. I believe in paying it forward.

I was terrified of the threat my ex-husband had made that I believed he could make into reality, but after learning I was not the only one being abused, I filed for divorce. At the time, I had nothing more than three kids under the age of 6 and a high-school diploma. 

I remember standing in the supermarket one day wondering if I should steal some steak because the food stamps weren’t providing me with enough food to feed my kids. (I didn’t just for the record. Lol)

During my divorce, I decided I wanted to make a huge change – both for me and for others going through similar situations. I decided to go to college with the goal of becoming a family law attorney and helping others move forward with their lives.

Community college, then undergrad, then law school. I refused to let the system win… to the point that I would bring my kids to class some days because I couldn’t afford childcare and I knew that they deserved a better future. I could have given up in so many moments, but I refused. I was determined to be a survivor, not a victim.

In 2016, I opened O’Connor Family Law to create a safe space for men and women to grow beyond their past and start the next- and with any luck, best- chapter of their lives. Since then, our team has helped over 1600 families find their way forward, and we’re just getting started.

Life may not have gone exactly as planned but you are the only one who can choose a brighter future- whatever that means for you.

If we can help you create that future, feel free to reach out today. Whether it’s joining our team or matching you with an attorney who won’t stop until your voice is heard, we’re here to stand by you every step of the way. We know this about so much more than a piece of paper- it’s a chance at a new life.