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Going through a divorce or other family law matter can be one of the most difficult experiences you will ever face. For many, it is an emotional rollercoaster plagued with fears, doubts, and anxiety. Life as you’ve known it is changing and you need to prepare for a future that stands in limbo. Everything you have worked hard for and care about could be taken away. For those with children, it can be especially traumatic when facing the prospect of the crucial and often painful issue of custody and visitation.

At O’Connor Family Law, we understand how hard it is to go through a legal process while trying to manage emotional challenges. Our job is to crush those doubts and fears. We are pledged to helping you reclaim your future and retain those things that are most important to you. Whether you need help with establishing your rights as a parent, your entire divorce, or some other family law issue, we have the passion, drive, and experience to advocate for your cause. Our legal team shares over 35 years of exclusive family law practice which has given us the extensive knowledge and skills to apply creative solutions to your case. We believe you deserve an extraordinary approach which is why we fully apply ourselves to your representation. Our team will stand up for you and your children just like we would fight for our own whether through negotiation or litigation in court.

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Family Law Issues in Worcester County

When you face a family law related issue such as custody or divorce, your case will be heard within the Worcester County Probate and Family Court. Thorough preparation and solid legal arguments can make a dramatic difference in achieving a positive outcome no matter which direction you take in attempting to resolve your case. Whether you are ending your marriage, disputing the custody of your kids, or trying to adjust support payments, our diligent team can help.

In family law, every case is different because every person and every family is different. Some people will need to seek court intervention. Some will be able to work everything out amicably without litigation. Others may need a combination of both.

Our experienced attorneys can be used in many ways such as:

  • To educate you on the laws, caselaw, and procedures related to your case
  • To advise you on how courts generally view the issue(s) you are facing
  • To guide you through a mediation you may attend on your own
  • To draft documents for you to file
  • To teach you how to go into court to argue for yourself
  • To attend mediation, conciliation, or arbitration with you
  • To provide emotional support when the process feels overwhelming
  • To actually litigate on your behalf in family court
  • Any combination of the above

While our firm handles a wide variety of family law matters, divorce is the most common one. These cases often entail much more than just ending a marriage. If you and your partner share children and cannot agree on a parenting plan or if you cannot agree on other matters pertaining to the ending of your marriage, it will be left up to a judge to decide these issues. This can be one of the most difficult prospects to face as a stranger is essentially making decisions about your children, financial matters, and more. We know how destabilizing this uncertainty can be. Our compassionate legal team is here, however, to aggressively advocate to ensure that your family’s needs are addressed and met.

In any area of family law, a singular “right” way to handle the issues does not exist. Strategies must be tailored to you and your individual circumstances. After you retain us, we can meet to determine the best strategy for moving your case forward efficiently according to what is important to you and your situation.

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What Our Clients Say

Divorce Is Not a Loss - See How Some of Our Clients Have Overcome Their Situations.

Here at O'Connor Family Law, we work closely with our clients because we truly care about the outcome of their cases. Our commitment to their case must be rubbing off, because many of them have written to tell us how much they love our approach.

  • I will definitely be referring others to Jolee!

    “I had a tight budget and felt comfortable with their communication about it and the estimate of cost they provided. Jolee asked great questions and seemed to be experienced and knowledgeable.”

    - Nathan P.
  • Caitlyn kept the interests of the child front and center through this process!

    “She was responsive and I believe we reached a good result under the circumstances.”

    - John K.
  • It was such a pleasure to work with Sasha Khan.

    “Sasha was very professional and so caring. ?I spoke to a lot of lawyers prior to choosing to work with Sasha. Once I met with her, I felt comfortable that she will fight for me and my 6 years old son and she did.”

    - Mulu K.
  • O'Connor Family law and its staff were exemplary and highly responsive in facilitating what I needed when I needed it.

    “Caitlin Fletcher handled the sensitive matters regarding my litigation with professionalism and understanding. I felt at all times, advocated and given a clear understanding of my legal options. ...”

    - Michael S.
  • I was represented by Sasha Khan in my divorce and would highly recommend her and O’ Connor Family Law for anyone going through a high conflict divorce.

    “I was represented by Sasha Khan in my divorce and would highly recommend her and O’ Connor Family Law for anyone going through a high conflict divorce. Sasha was always quick to respond to emails and ...”

    - Catherine J.

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Our team understands first-hand the emotional turmoil that a divorce can have on a family. Our team will be with you every step of the way to help you make logical decisions that will best benefit you and your family's needs.

Meet Your Team Members

We've Been There - Let Us Help You Change Your Life
  • Caitlyn Fletcher
  • Jolee Vacchi
  • Sasha Khan
  • Heather A. O'Connor
  • Sean Spain
  • Lori Joyce
  • Kayla Castellucci
  • Caitlyn Fletcher Caitlyn Fletcher

    Family Law Attorney

    Caitlyn brings a client-focused approach to strategizing a family law case to help our clients obtain the results they need. She has a depth of legal knowledge and courtroom experience, that has caused her reputation in the family law arena to be one who is very detail oriented, strong-willed, and poised negotiator and litigator.
    Caitlyn  Fletcher Photo
  • Jolee Vacchi Jolee Vacchi

    Family Law Attorney

    Attorney Jolee Vacchi is an incredible advocate to be standing in your corner. She has been successfully helping our clients achieve their goals from the day she joined our Firm, leveraging her talents for negotiation and tenacity in and out of the courtroom.
    Jolee  Vacchi Photo
  • Sasha Khan Sasha Khan

    Family Law Attorney

    Attorney Sasha Khan is a determined, highly educated, and successful family law attorney with the main goal of helping people ...
    Sasha  Khan Photo
  • Heather A. O'Connor Heather A. O'Connor

    Founding Attorney, CEO

    Heather founded the O’Connor Family Law Firm based on the principle that, with the correct guidance, a person can come out of a divorce or family-law-related dispute in a better position than coming in, both legally and personally. She provides a holistic approach with her clients because she understands there is so much more to a divorce or custody dispute than a simple or even complex legal issue.
    Heather A. O'Connor Photo
  • Sean Spain Sean Spain

    Director of Operations

    Sean Spain joined our team in the Fall of 2017 and has been our resident jack of all trades since. Serving as the Firm’s Office Administrator, he spends most of his day trying to make sure that all the details are taken care of whether it be taking care of the office IT needs, building out the systems that help us do our jobs, or making sure that our clients have a great experience from start to finish.
    Sean  Spain Photo
  • Lori Joyce Lori Joyce


    With more than two decades of legal experience, Lori Joyce has developed a sharp eye for how divorce and custody litigation can be complicated with inefficiencies and miscommunication—and, with this, she has helped our firm develop a smoother, more efficient, and strategically focused organization that always provides a personal touch.
    Lori  Joyce Photo
  • Kayla Castellucci Kayla Castellucci

    Intake Specialist & Client Care Representative

    Through the intake process, Kayla helps our legal team to be able to stay focused solely on our clients by obtaining all the necessary background information and getting to know you and the challenges you’re facing.
    Kayla  Castellucci Photo

How We Operate

Empowering You to Move Forward 
  • Education

    We don't believe in telling you what to do. Our team's goal is to educate and provide you with favorable options so that you feel empowered to choose the best outcome for yours and your family's needs. 

  • Team-Focused

    When you work with our firm you become part of a collaborative team. You can rest assured that you have a team of two attorneys and a paralegal behind you, who are always up to date on your case. 

  • Compassionate & Aggressive

    When it comes to divorce amicability is our first step - when that doesn't work, we are not afraid to throw on the gloves. As seasoned litigators, we understand that litigation is not a game; it is fighting for justice for you and your children.

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