Alimony Lawyers in Hanover Helping Clients Understand Their Options

Alimony was created to allow the spouse making lesser income (and in some cases, no income) to remain financially stable during and after a divorce. Also called spousal support, its title speaks to allowing support to be provided, even with the changes that occur during a divorce. Separate homes, possible changes to employment, or possible changes in the needs of the children also can arise during the subject of divorce. Alimony is meant to ease this transition by allowing both spouses to continue their quality of life as it was during the marriage. Alimony isn’t always awarded, as each situation is different and presents unique circumstances for the courts to consider.

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How is alimony calculated?

Several factors go into the calculation of alimony and whether or not it is awarded. These factors include the ages of the spouses, their health, their lifestyle during their marriage, the length of the marriage, the gross income of each party involved, their employment history, and more. There may be other factors that the courts will take into consideration that are unique to your situation, and it can help you tremendously to have an experienced attorney gather that information for you and present it to the courts.

Why Would I Want to Hire a Hanover Alimony Lawyer?

Calculating alimony is complex, and sometimes costly mistakes are made in the process. If there is not an existing Marital Agreement in place (a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement) going into a divorce, allowing for a general guideline to be followed, there are several variables at hand, and having someone with experience by your side to help you sort them out is incredibly beneficial to you. Hiring a trusted team to ensure you are getting to the facts and protecting your livelihood in a timely fashion are among many reasons to hire a trusted professional. The experienced alimony attorneys at O’Connor Family Law are standing by at  774-703-3755 to help with your specific situation. Contact us today to go over your specific questions and let us begin the process of helping you answer them and move forward.