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Restraining orders can be a powerful legal tool when it comes to protecting yourself, or your children, from the threat of harm or abuse. These documents, however, should not be taken lightly and are often misunderstood. Visiting this page means you are in search of answers, and our lawyers at O’Connor Family Law are happy to help you make sense of things. 

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If you’re considering a restraining order or looking to gain a better understanding of what goes into the process, let our eBook serve as the beginning of your journey. It provides an in-depth look at restraining orders, what they can accomplish, how they work, and how they play out in different situations. Learn about the possible ramifications that come with filing a restraining order, as well as information on what they can and cannot accomplish. 

This eBook is therefore designed to give you a basic understanding of restraining orders in Massachusetts. The contents of this book should not be interpreted as legal advice or be used to create your case. Every family law circumstance is different, and it’s important to understand that every solution and decision regarding a restraining order should be based on your individual circumstances with the guidance of an experienced attorney. 

The goal of this eBook is to inform you on the process, the laws, and available options, some of which may not apply to your specific circumstances. Instead, we aim to empower you with the knowledge you need to take the first steps in protecting yourself and your family. 

Remember, you are not alone. Let O’Connor Family Law help you through these difficult situations. Contact our firm today.

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