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Family Law Attorney

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Her Story
"As a domestic violence survivor, I thrive when I’m being an advocate and speaking for those who feel they do not have a voice or are not yet able to use it."
Her Story

Attorney LaPointe is a rockstar both inside and beyond the courtroom. With a passion for empowering her clients and ensuring their voices are heard, Danielle's endless compassion and empathetic care make her truly shine as a family law attorney. Where some attorneys might dive right into making demands and barking orders, Attorney LaPointe knows that the art of negotiation is a family lawyer's greatest asset, especially in high-conflict divorces. She likes to approach cases with an eye towards amicable solutions, but she's not afraid to stand her ground when opposing parties get rowdy.

As a survivor of domestic violence herself, Danielle holds a special place in her heart for working with people who have been treated wrongly by their partners. It's the ability to help clients break away from the past that has always drawn her guiding clients through difficult divorces. Attorney LaPointe prides herself on being a steady foundation for clients to lean on in the moments when support is most crucial not only for legal outcomes, but for their lives going forward.

As a current member of the Winchendon Board of Selectmen and former member of the School Committee, Danielle has learned the power of community when it comes to creating change in the world around her and is honored to be able to engage with a diverse cohort of residents looking to create a brighter future. On the weekend, you might find Danielle rock n' rolling with her husband in their classic rock cover band, the BIG RanDom, gardening, reading, or planning future travels with loved ones.

Speaking of loved ones, Danielle adores her large blended family made up of her husband David, Danielle (of course), and their children Isaac, Juliette, Ian, Camille, Alec, Jean-Luc, and Brittany. As their older children have grown up and begun to move out, Danielle has become a local powerhouse, working to expand Domestic Violence resources in the region and sharing her love of music with the world in concerts throughout Central Massachusetts.


Attorney LaPointe has a strong record of changing lives for Massachusetts families. She obtained temporary legal and physical custody of a 5-year-old for a father who had never been married to the child's mother who was used to calling the shots and often used the child as a pawn to get what she wanted. When Dad said enough is enough and hired Attorney LaPointe to establish paternity, custody, and child support, she jumped into action. Her work on the case granted the father custody, switching school districts to his home, all while still remaining cognizant of the need to allow the mother a chance to eventually re-establish a healthy relationship with their children in order to maintain the best interests of their children's future.

Attorney LaPointe is based out of our Westborough office in Worcester County, but also regularly practices in Hampden County, Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Franklin County, and Suffolk County.

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