Adam Sloane

Family Law Attorney

Attorney Sloane is a master at making narcissists face the music, and we're not talking about his karaoke.

[I had lost] custody due to false allegations. Adam personally walked my 3 month old daughter out of court and gifted me back to the duties of fatherhood.

Ryan, 5-Star Review
Adam Sloane bio photoAdam Sloane bio photo
Ryan, 5-Star Review

[I had lost] custody due to false allegations. Adam personally walked my 3 month old daughter out of court and gifted me back to the duties of fatherhood.

His Story
"False allegations? They don’t stand a chance."
His Story

Don't let his laid back style fool you- a significant portion of Attorney Sloane’s practice is focused on complex high-conflict litigation cases, including numerous parenting and custody issues involving domestic violence, substance abuse, DCF matters, and untreated personality disorders. He has the ability to strongly advocate for our clients in the courtroom in a way that causes the Judge to take notice. But where Attorney Sloane finds true gratification is helping our clients find ways to resolve their disputes to avoid the emotionally tolling process that litigation can also put a client through.

Attorney Sloane’s peaceful and easygoing persona lends itself to a higher number of amicable settlements, and his calm resilience helps his clients feel as though a weight has been taken off their shoulders so they can move forward in life to create a better future.

Attorney Sloane’s goal is to make the process easier for you, not harder. He is constantly looking out for your long-term best interest, which sometimes may conflict with short-term interests. He keeps his clients informed in these situations so they understand the strategy and plan to help get them where they want to go. He always provides realistic expectations for his clients while still empowering them to take control of their lives to create internal change. It's this personal change that he often finds leads to not only the best legal results but also allows his clients a path to find happiness instead of falling back into repetitive behaviors once the litigation is over.


Career Highlights:

  • Assisted a Mother going through nursing school fight the false allegations brought by the Father and his new girlfriend that the Mother was abusing alcohol allowing her to maintain custody of the child
  • Won attorney fees in a case where the Husband refused to follow the parties’ divorce judgment in relation to the sale of the marital home
  • Secured a child support order for a Father who won legal and physical custody of his two children with Mother’s parenting time requiring supervision
  • Obtained sole physical custody for a Mother in a case where the Father had been found to have been a danger to another child
  • Negotiated joint physical and legal custody of a child for a Father notwithstanding the Mother’s false allegations of physical and emotional abuse
  • Defeated a Father’s complaint for sole legal and physical custody as well as the removal of the child out of Massachusetts based on the Father’s false allegations that the Mother’s new husband was abusive to the child
  • Won a divorce judgment after trial for an immigrant client where the wife had attempted to obtain an annulment so the client would lose his green card allowing his client to remain in the United States
  • Achieved the dismissal of numerous restraining orders brought by opposing parties attempting to get an upper hand in a corresponding divorce or custody matter
  • Created a prenuptial agreement to protect a Mother’s children’s interest in her previously held assets despite a subsequent marriage
  • Negotiated a child support modification case that resulted in a significant downward deviation of hundred of dollars lower than the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines’ presumed amount for our client, the payor
  • Although a client had agreed to a relocation of the children while represented by a prior attorney, Attorney Sloane was able to successfully defend the Mother’s subsequent request for sole legal custody and to decrease the Father’s parenting time, instead, increasing the Father’s parenting time and maintaining joint legal custody
  • Secured legal custody for numerous unmarried Fathers and has often prevented the Mothers from moving the children out of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts allowing the Fathers to retain strong relationships with their children despite the Mothers’ attempts to minimize their roles
  • Has negotiated amicable and equitable divorce settlements for numerous high-income earning clients with assets over $1,000,000 each
  • After his client was arrested for illegal possession of bullets and taking an ax to the home of his child’s mother, Attorney Sloane recognized there was a mental health disorder at play rather than true criminal intent and was able to get his client go through competency evaluations and get the client into proper medical and mental treatment rather than go through the typical criminal process
  • Obtained a Superior Court order invalidating a partnership agreement that saved his client hundreds of thousands of dollars in the buyout the partner was seeking as well as allowed his client to start a new business on her own

Attorney Sloane graduated cum laude from Berklee College of Music and originally decided to go to law school to practice entertainment law. However, Attorney Sloane quickly found that he excelled at trial advocacy and litigation during his education at St. John’s University School of Law. During law school, Attorney Sloane worked for the Honorable Michael Stallman and the Honorable Lewis Bart Stone in the New York Supreme Court.

Not only well versed in family law, Attorney Sloane has extensive experience in both the District and Superior Courts dealing with criminal cases involving charges of domestic assault and battery, felony drug possession and intent to distribute, and firearm violations. He has successfully tried both bench and jury trials. He also has both obtained and defended restraining order requests for his clients.

Family law became the practice area that Attorney Sloane found himself most drawn to as he saw a few of his family members go through divorce and saw the impact it can have on a person’s life. His passion for family law grew with his belief that being involved in someone’s family law case has such an immense impact on everything within that person’s life and their future and he takes that role very seriously. Attorney Sloane values the ability to help a parent’s relationship with their child stay connected, to help a client obtain a financial foundation to allow them move forward in life in a new way, and to connect people with resources necessary not only to help in the here and now but that they can take with them and use for the rest of their lives.

When Adam is not working, you can often find him active in his community. He has spent time volunteering with the Salvation Army, teaching piano and music lessons to disadvantaged children, being active in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program, as well as regularly donating his time to the Lawyer-of-the Day program. Additionally, Adam has a band that he started where he plays piano and sings, he plays tennis, and loves to spend time in the Cape with his wife and extended family.

Attorney Sloane is based out of our Hanover office in Plymouth County, but also regularly practices in Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Bristol County, Worcester County, Barnstable County, Nantucket County, Dukes County, Essex County, and Suffolk County.

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