• My representation was far more superior than my ex-husbands.
    Ms. O’Connor is all about the details because that’s what wins cases. Heather represented me in my divorce case and from the moment we first talked until the moment we went to court, she did not miss a single detail. My representation was far more superior than my ex-husbands. She won my case and made sure I was taken care of and not taken advantage of. Thank you, Heather.

    - Vicki

  • Thank you, Heather!
    When I met Heather my ex had a restraining order on me, which she was manipulating to extort money, and she had my three children alienated from me. I felt helpless. Heather immediately got the restraining order thrown out and helped me rebuild my relationship with my kids. I am now back in my marital with full custody of my kids. Thank you, Heather!

    - Jim

  • Attorney O’Connor is a professional and compassionate attorney.
    Attorney O’Connor was called in my existing case. She was brought up to speed and with my other attorney they came up with a clear and concise strategy. She immediately found issues with the most recent filing, said that this was horribly done and most of all concerned for my children. She stated this not only affects me but ultimately affects my children. With her expertise working with my attorney they complied and presented a solid defense and path forward to restore rights. Attorney O’Connor is a professional and compassionate attorney. She will fight for your children’s rights and yours. Attorney O’Connor is someone you need on your team when you have a complex case, she is not afraid.

    - James

  • I would definitely recommend her.
    She did an excellent job with a support modification, and was amazing in court!! I would definitely recommend her to anyone going through what I went through!! Thanks again Heather!!!

    - Raymond

  • Heather is brilliant.
    Heather is brilliant. Her advice has been invaluable. She has an enormous heart and truly cares about people.

    - Former Client

  • Don’t miss out on her great service!

    As a legal representative for child custody and child support, attorney Heather O’Connor did a great job. From the first day I talked to her and hired her, one could tell she was willing to listen and take into consideration every detail given to her to handle the case in the most proper way. Throughout the whole time working with her she was really attentive and responsive to my questions and concerns and is definitely someone who made sure my money was well and reasonably spent. Because I knew she was doing a great job, I recommended her to my best friend who also agreed and said that the services were great. She has great confidence and always speaks firmly with supporting evidence to prove herself right and legal represent you the best way possible. Don’t miss out on her great service!

    - Brenda

  • Excellent person inside and outside the courtroom.
    Attorney O’Connor is excellent !! After meeting with several attorneys I picked Heather because she really seemed to care. She made me feel involved during the whole process. She made a difficult time in my life a little more bearable. Excellent person inside and outside the courtroom. She fights for her clients.

    - Kristen

  • Just amazing and I seriously will never be able to thank her enough.

    I will be totally honest with you when I contacted Heather O’Connor I was worried. You see, I hate lawyers. I have never once met one that I trusted and fired one that I had hired right in the middle of court even.

    WOW has my mindset changed. I contacted Heather about a case that is just, really something that belongs on Lifetime movie, you know, the ones about the guy that lives in a different world then everyone else on earth? Anyhow our case was about jurisdiction/improper venue and let me tell you, Heather is AH-MAH-ZING. Not only did she constantly stay in touch with me, deal with my emotional moments, Heather kicked butt and won so our case will be heard in the state it should not Massachusetts. I read someone had said Heather was like a lion in court ready to pounce, that is so true. I really and truly think that when Heather walks into court somewhere in hell Satan shakes with fear. Heather stands up for what is right and won’t blow smoke at you. She will tell you like it is and what you need to do.

    Honesty, Integrity and Badassery explains Heather A. O’Connor. If you want someone that means what she says call her, seriously call her now, she is what I wish EVERY lawyer was. Just amazing and I seriously will never be able to thank her enough for honestly saving my kids lives. THANK YOU HEATHER!!!!!!

    - Former Client

  • Smart, amazing, passionate, and fantastic attorney.
    Smart, amazing, passionate, and fantastic attorney.

    - Stephanie

  • She has an amazing positive attitude and a burning passion to help.
    Heather is a gifted attorney who treats every case as if she were fighting for a member of her family. She has an amazing positive attitude and a burning passion to help as many people as she can. I can’t think of a single case she handled that she didn’t fight until the opposing attorney backed down!!!

    - Margie

  • Everything I needed in a lawyer!
    Heather was awesome! The day I met her I knew she was my attorney. She is passionate about her work. I felt she was always there to answer any questions I had. Friendly but aggressive when she needed to be in the court room. Everything I needed in a lawyer!

    - Kristen

  • I’ll definitely go back to her
    Attorney O’Connor was the best in her representation of me for my child custody case. My ex was lying about everything and Attorney O’Connor really fought to make sure the truth came out. She’s a great listener and she makes sure the work she does is important so she’s not wasting money. I’ll definitely go back to her any time I need help with my kids.

    - Brian

  • They were exceptional to work with.
    I truly enjoyed my experience with Heather and the office of O’Connor Family Law.  They were exceptional to work with and helped my Divorce process be as painless as possible.  Heather had my back and fought for everything my kids and I deserved.  I was and am still satisfied with how everything turned out from the Divorce and how O’Connor Family Law and all of the employee’s worked with me.  I highly recommend this Law Firm to those I know and don’t know that are going through a Divorce.  I know the office handles a lot more than Divorce, but I only mention that because I just have experience from a Divorce that I can share with them.

    - Elizabeth

  • With Heather on your side, you cannot do wrong.
    Heather was my attorney during a rough time and without her, the outcome could have been so different. My wife was glad that I found a pit bull of a lawyer who brought DCF to their knees. They were afraid to meet with her because she called out every lie and lack of effort to follow through with what they stated they would do. With Heather on your side, you cannot do wrong.

    - Daniel

  • I can’t thank her enough!
    Attorney Vacchi was crucial in helping me with my case that had been previously dismissed. With her desire to gain a deep understanding of my situation and level of expertise, we successfully obtained the outcome I needed to move on with my life in a healthy way. I can’t thank her enough!

    - Tanya

  • Would most definitely recommend her to anyone in need.
    When I first met with Heather O’Connor, she was exactly what people explained her as. Heather is straight-forward with her work, and made me feel more confident in winning my court case. She listened and heard through everything I was to say to her, stood in constant contact with me, dealt with my emotions, and was able to get me through everything. Heather always strove for the best and was very meticulous which I greatly admired. She also displayed aggression in court in the way where if another offer was made, she would disagree and stick to her decision. Heather O’Connor knew what was right and being aggressive proved to me that she wanted to win and highly cared for my case. I thank Attorney O’Connor and would most definitely recommend her to anyone in need.

    - Emanuel

  • Amazing compassionate, professional attorney.

    I had a long tough divorce and was completely taken advantage of.

    A few years ago, my ex tried to go after me again for more money and while I waited to go in front of the judge, again, with no attorney, I watched this amazing, tiny, woman attorney tear down this old man as attorney and put him in his place. This was Heather O’Connor!

    When I got up in front of the judge I said I needed to get an attorney so it was postponed.

    I waited in the hall for Heather to become available. She listened to me and said she would take my case.

    When we went back to court, she greeted me with a genuine hug.

    She fought for me that day and I could tell she genuinely cared about me and was so sympathetic for what I had gone through in the past.

    She was successful in helping me and has helped me on a couple other occasions since then. She even cut her fee to help me when I was going through radiation and chemotherapy for throat cancer.

    This woman, mother, now friend is the most amazing compassionate, professional attorney I have ever known and I will forever be grateful for her.

    I also want to add, every person in her firm I have ever spoken with is so courteous and professional and full of compassion as Heather is.

    Thank you all so much for everything you have done for me!

    - David

  • Heather and her team were supportive and very successful when going against a very large, expensive, and overly aggressive Boston law firm.
    I had a long, hard, difficult divorce. Heather and her team were supportive and very successful when going against a very large, expensive, and overly aggressive (I'll mannered) Boston law firm. Divorce is not a loss. It is a chance to let your family grow and live a new life with new opportunities. Heather and her team know and practice that every day.

    - Peter F.