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Here at O’Connor Family Law, we work closely with our clients because we truly care about the outcome of their cases. Our commitment to their cause must be rubbing off, because many of them have written to tell us how much they love our approach. Read on to see their comments for yourself.

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She did an excellent job with a support modification, and was amazing in court!!

I would definitely recommend her to anyone going through what I went through!! Thanks again Heather!!!


Heather is brilliant. Her advice has been invaluable. She has an enormous heart and truly cares about people.


Ms. O’Connor is all about the details because that’s what wins cases. Heather represented me in my divorce case and from the moment we first talked until the moment we went to court, she did not miss a single detail. My representation was far more superior than my ex-husbands. She won my case and made sure I was taken care of and not taken advantage of. Thank you, Heather.


Attorney O’Connor was called in my existing case. She was brought up to speed and with my other attorney [] they came up with a clear and concise strategy. She immediately found issues with the most recent filing, said that this was horribly done and most of all concerned for my children. She stated this not only affects me but ultimately affects my children. With her expertise working with my attorney they complied and presented a solid defense and path forward to restore rights. Attorney O’Connor is a professional and compassionate attorney. She will fight for your children’s rights and yours. Attorney O’Connor is someone you need on your team when you have a complex case, she is not afraid.


When I met Heather my ex had a restraining order on me, which she was manipulating to extort money, and she had my three children alienated from me. I felt helpless. Heather immediately got the restraining order thrown out and helped me rebuild my relationship with my kids. I am now back in my marital with full custody of my kids. Thank you, Heather!