Mothers’ Rights Lawyers Standing Up for Clients’ Rights in Worcester County

In the past, courts often seemed to favor mothers over fathers when determining custody. This was based on the fact that most mothers did not work so their primary responsibility was the care of the children and the home. Courts often believed that children required consistency which led to favoring whichever parent acted as their primary caretaker during the marriage. Today, Massachusetts law has evolved so that the presumption that a mother is automatically a better caregiver no longer prevails. Additionally, many judges take the view that, when a relationship ends, many things need to change. They believe it is more important that children maintain a consistent and substantial relationship with both parents.

As a mother, you may have valid reasons to believe it is in your children’s best interests to primarily live with you or for you have sole custody. If this is your contention, you will have to prove it to the court if their father fails to agree with this. This can be a difficult and challenging prospect. However, our Worcester mothers’ rights lawyers are prepared to fight for you to protect your rights. We can assess your custody situation to determine the best way to handle your case going forward.

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Mothers’ Rights to Custody in Massachusetts

Very few issues are more stressful than the idea of losing precious time with your kids. In a custody dispute, you may face allegations from the children’s father about your parental fitness. You may also face threats of a withdrawal of financial support if you fail to agree to a share custody arrangement. Some father may try to become a “super dad” before the court to prove their parental fitness even if their involvement with the kids was minimal before the divorce.

Attempting to manage these threats and tactics on your own can be overwhelming. These are the types of situations where an attorney can advocate for your mothers’ rights by helping you paint an accurate picture of each parent’s role in the children’s lives. You can also respond to any unfair or false accusations made against you. It is very important that these arguments are brought up from the very start of your case. If you believe your children will not be best served by shared custody, it is vital that you retain the services of one our attorneys as soon as possible.

Sole Custody

As a mother, you have the right to seek sole legal custody if you believe your children’s best interests are better protected in your care or if the father has acted in a harmful way to you or your children. You also have the right to seek restrictions on your children’s time spent with their father if you feel his behavior has been harmful. This can mean he is only given limited time, supervised visitation, or a temporary suspension of visits while he seeks treatment for issues such as drug or alcohol addiction. Our firm can help you exercise these rights and protect your children.

Cases Involving Domestic Violence

Mothers have the right to protect their children from abuse, especially if the violence is coming from the other parent. Nothing is more terrifying than believing you are handing your children off to someone whom you believe could hurt them. Domestic violence, including attempted or actual physical harm, fear of imminent serious injury, and child neglect, is against the law. Swift legal action may be essential to preserve your safety and that of your children.

If domestic abuse does occur, you can request a restraining order, also known as an “abuse prevention order,” asking that the contact between the children and their father be limited or suspended. Or you may seek a court order requiring that all visits between your kids and their father be supervised by a neutral third party. At O’Connor Family Law, we can propose the appropriate measures to prevent or stop domestic violence and guide you through your legal options.

We do not believe in using restraining orders or allegations of harm as strategies to get the upper hand in a custody case. However, domestic violence is very real and we can help bring the relief and protection needed for anyone victimized at the hands of their partner. We fight relentlessly for individuals who need their voices to be heard.