After the Affair: Overcoming Infidelity with Luke Shillings

August 24, 2023 O'Connor Family Law Family Law

Sharing Stories of Resilience and Renewal: Heather O’Connor’s Journey on the “After the Affair” Podcast

Hey there! We’ve got some exciting news to share from our corner at O’Connor Family Law. Our CEO, the incredible Heather O’Connor, recently had the honor of being featured on the heart-touching “After the Affair” Podcast, hosted by Infidelity Recovery Coach Luke Shillings. After the Affair tackles tough issues for those who have found their relationship struck by infidelity. If you’ve ever wondered how to find peace after being cheated on or how to forgive someone for cheating, this is the podcast for you. This episode (and the podcast as a whole) is more than just a conversation – it’s a beacon of light for those finding their way through the aftermath of an affair, a testament to human strength, and a reminder that healing is possible.


Real Talk and Professional Wisdom

In this special episode, Luke Shillings invites you to join him on an authentic chat with Heather O’Connor. Heather, not only a powerhouse divorce and custody attorney but also a beacon of resilience, dives deep into the emotional labyrinth of divorce. Make no mistake- she doesn’t just focus on the legal aspects – she instead dives headfirst into the raw, often unspoken feelings that accompany the process. This understanding of the deep emotional pain that can come with divorce is why she has brought an on-staff Divorce and Custody Coach, Stacey Beal, to our team.

Personal Stories that Touch the Heart

Heather’s journey isn’t just a success story; it’s a real-life example of facing challenges head-on and emerging stronger. She shares her personal experiences, giving us a glimpse into her own trials, tribulations, and triumphs. It’s like sitting down with a dear friend who’s been through it all and is ready to offer their hand to help you navigate the storm.

Empathy, Encouragement, and Tools for Growth

Through her appearance on the “After the Affair” Podcast, Heather showcases how her own divorce has driven her to ease the pain of the process for others and help people seek their greatest selves. Heather’s words become a lifeline for those who may be feeling lost, reminding us all that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Through sharing her story, Heather hopes to show others that even during life’s toughest chapters, there’s room for growth and joy.

From One Journey to Another

Heather’s journey isn’t just about her story; it’s about yours too. Her resilience and determination radiate from each word, inspiring you to find your own strength within. The “After the Affair” Podcast becomes a treasure trove of insights and tools – ones you can use to rebuild, heal, and embark on your own path to renewal.

Connect with Heather O’Connor and O’Connor Family Law

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Are you eager to embrace stories of resilience, renewal, and growth? Tune in to the “After the Affair” podcast episode featuring none other than Heather O’Connor. Discover insights that go beyond legalities and touch the heart of what it means to heal and thrive.

Further Support and Connection

If you’re seeking guidance and support beyond legal matters, you can reach out to our on-staff Divorce Coach Stacey Beal, or Infidelity Coach Luke Shillings.

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