FREE LIVE WEBINAR: Should I Stay or Should I Go: Is It Time for Divorce?

August 14, 2023 O'Connor Family Law Family Law

Divorce & Custody Coach Stacey Hosts Free Live Webinar on When It Might Be Time For Divorce


While a degree of conflict in your relationship is normal, (healthy, even) constant conflict can leave us feeling torn between working through the pain and seeking a new beginning. Feeling ultimately unheard and misunderstood may leave you unsure whether to double down on your efforts and make the relationship work or redirect your energy into pursuing a new life path. Join renowned High Conflict Relationship Coach Stacey Beal as she explores the key moments that can tip your relationship from healthy to harmful and how you can gain clarity in your decision. Stacey’s live webinar is designed to help you determine your needs and boundaries in love and evaluate how your relationship might be able to fulfill those needs (or where it currently falls short).

This transformative session, hosted on Thursday, August 31st at 10 am EST on Facebook Live, will equip you with the tools and perspective needed to navigate the complexities of your relationship and make a well-informed decision about your future. This webinar will delve into the key factors to consider when evaluating the state of your high-conflict partnership. Through open discussions and honest self-evaluation techniques, Stacey will guide you through a process of introspection and self-discovery.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:
🔍 Unraveling Emotional Turmoil: Understanding the feelings and doubts that may be influencing your decision-making.
💬 Communication and Boundaries: Exploring the dynamics of high-conflict communication and setting healthy boundaries.
⚖️ Weighing Pros and Cons: Assessing the impact of staying in the relationship or embracing a new path.
🗺️ Carving a Path to Peace: Gaining clarity on what you truly desire and envision for your life beyond conflict.

As a high conflict relationship coach, I recognize the unique challenges of every relationship, and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

What this webinar is not:

❌ The deciding factor in your divorce/breakup. My goal is to help you gain clarity as you move towards your personal pathway to progress. I am not trying to convince you to stay or leave your relationship but rather to guide you through a thought process that is meant to bring you a greater sense of peace when all is said and done. The aim of this webinar is not to influence your choice but to empower you with the perspective needed to make the decision that aligns best with your well-being and growth.

❌ A replacement for individual support. I am so glad that you are here- that’s the first step! But high-conflict relationships can take a real toll on our minds and bodies. I encourage everyone to seek individual support in whatever form works best for them. Whether that be through individual coaching with a high-conflict relationship coach like me, caring conversations with friends and family, support groups, or through therapy, there are many avenues available for those seeking support.

❌ A one-size-fits-all solution. Just like every person is different, every relationship is different. It’s important to think about the small details behind every belief that you have about your relationship and consider how that fits with what we talk about in the webinar. This is one of the many reasons that I encourage people to seek out more individualized support (see above).

Date: Thursday, August 31st
Time: 10:00 AM EST

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If you find yourself standing at the crossroads of a high-conflict relationship, seek clarity and peace with Coach Stacey as she tackles divorce discernment. Reserve your spot now, and let’s navigate this crucial journey together. It’s time to embrace your inner healing and forge your path to a brighter future.

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