What To Look For In A Divorce Lawyer

December 19, 2019 O'Connor Family Law Divorce

When you are entering or have received a divorce complaint, you may be overwhelmed with everything happening and unsure of where to turn. If this sounds like you, you may also be wondering how to achieve the best possible outcome in court, or you may just need someone on your side during this difficult time. Once a divorce process has been started, it’s time to lawyer up. However, finding the right lawyer for your unique case may not be easy.

Knowing what to look for in a divorce lawyer requires you to take a step back and examine your own experiences and needs. For some people, a lawyer will handle all the details of a case and provide an opinion as to realistic goals. For others, however, a lawyer is a means to achieve a specific purpose in the divorce, while others need an ally to holistically see them into their future after a divorce is finalized. No matter your specific needs, a divorce lawyer will work to protect your rights and best interests in and out of court.

Understand Your Goals Before Deciding On An Attorney

To choose a proper divorce lawyer, it is first necessary to understand the divorce process. Some divorces are contentious affairs, where you and your spouse fight over property rights, the custody of children, or ownership of a business. Other separations are more amicable, where the two people involved can come to an agreement on the division of assets and debts.

Decide what is important to you, where you are willing to be flexible, and where you will draw the line. Having a clear plan will help you to choose a lawyer to fight for that plan. It can also help your attorney to understand your goals and give clear objectives so that they can build a strong legal strategy, providing creative solutions to the problems you will face.

Research The Track Record Of The Lawyer

Not every divorce lawyer operates with the same goals in mind. While all lawyers have the obligation to fulfill the wishes of their clients, not every lawyer recommends the same path forward. Many attorneys have more experience in negotiation and mediation, with the goal of ending a divorce with a separation agreement. Some legal teams are more focused on litigation and taking a divorce to trial, while others excel at doing both. With over 35 years of exclusive family law experience, we have a proven track record of working with families to meet their goals and set them on the course for success after the dissolution of their marriage.

Choose A Divorce Attorney Who Is Prepared To Fight For You

Divorces are always serious legal matters with long-lasting consequences. During an initial consultation, be sure to ask questions. Ask about the divorce process in general and what to expect when going to court. Be sure to understand what the role of your lawyer will be. Ask about communication methods, especially when it comes to billing. Most divorce lawyers will ask for a retainer and bill at an hourly rate. Understanding the billing structure can help to avoid entanglements overpayment.

Finally, be absolutely sure you are comfortable with the attorney that you are hiring. The divorce lawyer you choose will be your team throughout this difficult time in your life. Ask how much of the work will be done by the attorney, their associates, or a paralegal. Not every lawyer is right for every client, and you always have the choice of whether or not to hire them.

Knowing What To Look For In A Divorce Lawyer Could Help To Save Time And Money

Every lawyer who handles divorces in Massachusetts operates in their own way. While laws of professional conduct require basic competence and proper billing and communication methods, some attorneys are more hands-on than others. Always be sure to express your desires and goals for the case. Are you willing to end the case with a settlement, or do you plan on taking the case to trial? Have you already discussed the concept of a divorce with your spouse, or will you be acting alone?

The right divorce attorney for you should be able to answer these questions and provide a basic road map moving forward. By understanding yourself and your aims for the case, you can look for a divorce attorney who can help to achieve your goals.

To start working with our compassionate group of lawyers, call our Westborough office today. While the outcome of a divorce is never certain, it is perfectly clear that the right lawyer could make all the difference in your case.