Who Said Lawyers Can’t Be Funny?

June 1, 2023 O'Connor Family Law Family Law

Does your lawyer have a sense of humor? Attorney Heather O’Connor certainly does!

Your favorite TikTok lawyer went viral this past week when her husband, Tim Rowland, started breaking out the reverse psychology in a creative attempt to keep the row to themselves for a little bit of extra legroom on their Southwest Airlines flight. Southwest is known for having rather unique seating arrangements when it comes to air travel because they don’t assign seats. So when Attorney O’Connor wanted a window seat while her husband snagged a spot near the aisle, they decided to play a little game. Maybe, they reasoned, if they offered the additional seat to passersby, they would end up with a row to themselves! That’s when Tim started asking passengers if they would like to sit down and Attorney O’Connor started recording. But who are you kidding? You know you want to see the actual video!

So… Did it Work?

They put on a great show but it turned out that the flight was indeed full so Heather and Tim didn’t score that extra legroom but were certainly surprised to see their post blow up on social media like it did! Maybe they’ll have to try a new trick next time because the comments were flooded with ideas on whether the trick would actually work and even some ideas on what might be better. You can check out all of the comments and more on the original post here!

The O’Connor Inquiry (can we call it that? It’s almost alliteration) has even been picked up by the news in its viral wave! It’s been called everything from “hilarious” to “flirtatious” by global media sources. You can check out the coverage for some creative commentary at the links below.

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