Divorce Lawyers Assisting Clients in Hanover, MA, and Surrounding Areas in Worcester County

Divorce can be trying on both parties, and it is beneficial to learn about the resources available to you right from the start, as you enter this process. You can file for divorce if you reside in Massachusetts and the cause for the divorce occurred within the state. If the courts determine that you have not lived in Massachusetts for one year, you may need to file in the state you lived in prior to where you had residency. If you have had a residency in the state of Massachusetts for the past year, you can file and represent yourself or obtain the services of an attorney.

There are several important factors that arise in divorce, and almost all of them can have emotions attached to them. This is one of the many reasons obtaining the services of a trusted attorney is appealing. Having a team on your side to help you make sense of the situation and what is expected during a divorce can help to ease the frustrations and stress on you. What happens to my kids? What happens to our assets? Who will have custody? All of these are typical questions that we help you to answer through this process.

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What Is Mediation and How Can It Help Me?

Mediation can be incredibly helpful in coming to an agreement in most of the major areas of divorce. It is voluntary by both parties and allows for a trained neutral party to facilitate conversations that will help untangle the facts and concerns of both parties involved. In the case of a No-Fault Divorce, for instance, when the parties both agree that neither is at fault but can’t agree on things like child support or custody, a mediator can help them to come to an agreement they are both comfortable with so that they can proceed with the uncontested filing of a No-Fault Divorce.