Hanover Cohabitation Agreement Lawyers

While state law outlines the various rights of a married couple if the relationship ends, unmarried couples are not granted such protections. If you and your partner have decided to move in together, it may be advisable to consult with our Hanover cohabitation agreement lawyers.

A cohabitation agreement can be a valuable tool to outline the privileges and responsibilities you and your partner will have while safeguarding your economic interests. A cohabitation agreement also may be beneficial for couples who plan to get married but are not yet ready to do so. Because our attorneys have over 35 combined years of exclusive family law experience, our team has seen all different types of families in numerous situations. We are here to help you prepare an agreement that is right for you and your family.

What are the Terms Included in a Cohabitation Agreement?

One of the primary roles of a cohabitation agreement is to outline provisions for each party’s finances and assets. These contracts may discuss how property acquired during a couple’s relationship will be handled, what expenses partners may share, and which costs will be the separate responsibility of each person.

For example, when a couple is moving in together, a cohabitation agreement may help determine how rent or mortgage payments will be managed. Additionally, these contracts may discuss whether one party will provide economic support to the other. In some situations, an arrangement also may outline who will make significant healthcare decisions should either party become indisposed to make such decisions themselves.

Cohabitation Agreements are proactive ways to protect yourself. Otherwise, we have also dealt with representing people when they haven’t entered into cohabitation agreements but the relationship breaks down. In one case, the man had purchased a home and then met a woman shortly thereafter. She moved in with him and convinced him to put her name on the deed (although not the mortgage! PS. Never do that.). She obtained a restraining order against him shortly after that and our client was kicked out of his own home. We had to file a complaint in equity to fix the situation and get her out of the home and her name off the deed. Speaking to a lawyer prior to making a decision like that would have saved him thousands and thousands of dollars in the end.

Cohabitation agreements often prove useful in outlining how assets and finances may be allocated should the relationship come to an end or one partner passes away unexpectedly. Our Hanover lawyers can review a couple’s specific situation as well as their combined and individual assets to help them formulate a cohabitation agreement that best meets their needs.

The Importance of a Cohabitation Contract in Hanover

It is common for couples to reside together before they get married, but often, unmarried couples do not consider the importance of a cohabitation agreement. If the relationship ever comes to an end or if a partner dies, the absence of one of these contracts can make property division matters exceptionally complicated.

With a cohabitation agreement, a couple can specify how they wish to divide expenses, what property will remain separate, and which assets should be shared between them. If you and your partner are purchasing property together or putting both of your names on a lease, you should contact one of our Hanover attorneys to discuss drafting a cohabitation agreement.

Speak with our Hanover Cohabitation Agreement Attorneys

By drawing up a thorough and detailed cohabitation agreement that establishes your and your partners’ rights and obligations, you could avoid unexpected complications down the line if your relationship changes. Our Hanover cohabitation agreement lawyers can help you draft a fair contract that protects you and your future. For more information about how we can help, call today.