Hanover High Conflict Divorce Lawyers

While many divorces involve some degree of stress and various challenging moments, cases involving contentious disputes can present unique challenges. If you are dealing with a high-conflict divorce, you should not try to handle the legal process without qualified legal representation on your side. Our skilled Hanover high-conflict divorce lawyers understand the particular hurdles that these types of cases frequently present and can help ease your burden during this complicated process.

Because our firm has over 35 combined years of exclusive family law experience, we have seen and dealt with many divorce cases that involve major conflicts between parties. Our caring attorneys at O’Connor Family Law can work diligently to protect you in these emotionally charged situations, whether through effective negotiations, litigation, or alternative means of dispute resolution.

Recognizing the Signs of a High-Conflict Divorce in Hanover

Common indicators of high-conflict divorce may include numerous attempts at coercion, threats, and aggressive patterns of communication. These types of divorces often involve one party who is self-absorbed, exhibits volatile behaviors, or tries to place all the blame on the other party for the end of their marriage. Additionally, argumentative individuals may try to use manipulation tactics to influence the Court’s decisions on critical issues like child custody.

For this reason, anyone dealing with a high-conflict divorce in Hanover should reach out to a lawyer immediately. Our team can protect your legal rights while shielding you from abusive or aggressive tactics used by your ex in an effort to get their way.

Common Issues in High-Conflict Divorces

While most divorces typically involve many of the same issues, cases with a significant amount of conflict can lead to increased tension during certain topics of discussion. For instance, it is not uncommon for individuals in high-conflict divorce cases to issue unreasonable ultimatums during negotiations over matters such as custody, child support, and alimony.

Allegations of domestic abuse and marital misconduct are also common issues in high-conflict divorces. Addiction issues such as alcoholism and substance abuse can make divorce proceedings especially contentious. Sometimes, disagreements over the division of marital property and assets lead to significant conflict between divorcing couples as well.

A combative individual may try to find fault in the other party’s efforts to reconcile, thereby unnecessarily prolonging the divorce process and whittling down the other spouse’s resolve. When a high-conflict situation presents itself during divorce, it is vital to work with a lawyer in our area who has experience handling the unique challenges that these cases can present. An attorney can formulate strong negotiation strategies and work tirelessly to generate productive solutions that reach an optimal outcome.

The Importance of Hiring an Attorney

Our legal professionals can be committed advocates for you from day one of your case and competently represent your interests at all stages of the divorce. High-conflict divorces often inflict significant emotional and psychological strain, but a local attorney can help you through this difficult time by protecting your rights and keeping your goals at the forefront. Most importantly, one of our dedicated team members can help you address key marital issues while doing everything possible to pursue a favorable outcome to your marriage dissolution.

Work With a Hanover High Conflict Divorce Attorney

If you are facing the end of your marriage with a substantial amount of conflict, do not hesitate to consult with an attorneyabout your situation. A Hanover high-conflict divorce lawyer can provide advice on your individual circumstances and advocate for your best interests. To get help with your divorce, reach out to one of our attorneys today