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Lydia Field

Family Law Attorney

*See below for some of Attorney Lydia Field’s Career Highlights

Attorney Lydia Field is set apart by her seemingly unending patience and ability to relate to all of her clients, but also, by her uncanny ability to flick the switch when the opposing party is playing games – she does not put up with that and has no problem calling a spade a spade.

Attorney Field has helped guide clients through highly complex and contentious divorce and custody cases in a manner that allows the client to fully understand their legal rights and responsibilities without encouraging unrealistic expectations.

An important consideration within Attorney Field’s practice is that she fully realizes that when litigation gets underway many people lose sight of their original perspective and goals; it is easy to want to fight back because the other side is throwing punches. Although she knows when and how to put the boxing gloves on, she also realizes that doing so when there is another way to get the results being sought can be detrimental to a client rather than helpful. Due to this, Attorney Field constantly takes her clients through a cost-benefit analysis to help everyone remain focused on the issues that truly matter within their case.

Education & Expertise

Career Highlights:

  • Won a change of venue argument to remove a case from a court that seemed to be heavily prejudiced against her client
  • Obtained the extension of a one-year restraining order where the opposing party was financially controlling and verbally abusive
  • Won the emergency suspension of parenting time against a parent who had physically abused the child during their parenting time
  • Extended a restraining order after an evidentiary hearing for a mother and her children until the father is able to prove a commitment to his sobriety
  • Negotiated a divorce that allowed her client to walk away from the marriage without paying close to the six figures that the other side had been arguing for
  • Has represented numerous clients with high net-worth values of over $1,000,000
  • Obtained a favorable judgment of non-contempt for a client that resulted in the opposing party being arrested at the hearing instead
  • Uncovered undisclosed income from an opposing party who claimed they earned a minimal amount which led to a significantly higher child support order
  • Assisted a client with obtaining a vacate order against her spouse to allow her freedom from her spouse’s substance and physical abuse

Lydia graduated from American University in Washington, DC with a major in political science. She subsequently graduated from Suffolk University Law School due to her long-time dream to become a lawyer and fight for justice where she served in the Family Advocacy Clinic. She gained extensive experience interviewing and assisting domestic violence survivors at Casa Myrna Vasquez. Lydia was heavily impacted during her work with the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project where she advocated to have convicted inmates’ cases reviewed to determine whether it was appropriate for appeal.

Seeing her parents go through a divorce heavily influenced her life and produced a passion within her to focus on the impact the division of a family unit can have on a child to enable everyone to have thriving futures. She understands firsthand how others can accept settlement proposals that are not ideal simply because they are tired of fighting and want to move on; Lydia is that strength when her clients feel they no longer have it themselves.

Lydia enjoys cooking, spending time with her niece, reading (generally in the crime or suspense genres), and going to the beach. When life gets stressful, Lydia turns to the entertainment of reality television to give her a good laugh. Her motto when things get tough is “Just keep swimming” and this is such a good phrase to live by when litigation can seem overwhelming.

Attorney Field is based out of our Westborough office in Worcester County, but also regularly practices in Middlesex County, Suffolk County, Norfolk County, Bristol County, Plymouth County, Hampden County, and Essex County.

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