Heather A.O'Connor

Founding Attorney, CEO

Sick of skating on thin ice around your ex? I'll hit them with the cold, hard truth.

Being an advocate means fighting for your future- even when your greatest enemy might be yourself.

Heather A. O’Connor bio photoHeather A. O’Connor bio photo

Being an advocate means fighting for your future- even when your greatest enemy might be yourself.

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Her Story
"Go ahead, tell me I can’t. I love proving negative people wrong."
Her Story

Heather O’Connor has been described as one of the nicest people you will ever meet until you are an opposing party in the courtroom. She then puts on her game face and will ensure that your side is heard and understood by the Judge. To her, litigation is not a game; she is fighting for justice for her clients and their children.

She founded O’Connor Family Law based on the principle that, with the correct guidance, a person can come out of a divorce or family-law-related dispute in a better position than coming in, both legally and personally. She provides a holistic approach with her clients because she understands there is so much more to a divorce or custody dispute than a simple or even complex legal issue. Her clients have described her as a lifesaver. Someone who came into their life at the right moment took charge and changed things around. She believes in creating partnerships with her clients because it takes a joint effort to get desired results within a family law case.

Attorney O’Connor is compassionate and empathetic to her clients because she understands what it’s like going through the difficulties presented within a divorce having been divorced for over thirteen years herself with three children. She is no nonsense and believes in efficiency. Attorney O’Connor is upfront and truthful regarding the difficulties in any given case. She is not going to tell you what you want to hear; she is going to tell you what you need to hear. She is a certified mediator making her a superb negotiator, which is necessary since the majority of family law issues reach settlement without going to trial; yet she will argue zealously before a judge for her client’s rights if a fair settlement cannot be reached. And she likes to win.

Attorney O’Connor’s favorite cases surround the issue of parental alienation—where one parent is acting in a manner that makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for the other parent to have a relationship with his or her children. She is passionate about protecting clients who have suffered from domestic violence but is very familiar with the ways in which restraining orders and criminal complaints are utilized simply to get an upper hand in a divorce or custody battle. For those cases, Attorney O’Connor fights extremely hard to get restraining orders and domestic assault and battery charges dismissed for her clients.


  • Massachusetts Bar Association Leadership Academy
  • Multi-Year Lawyer of Distinction 
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