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Your ex loves to bait and switch? Yeah, that doesn't fly with me.

Attorney Fletcher's representation was "A Plus", making sure I knew what was happening at all times… she is supportive, professional and takes the time to guide you through the process.

Cheryl H.
Caitlyn Fletcher bio photoCaitlyn Fletcher bio photo
Cheryl H.

Attorney Fletcher's representation was "A Plus", making sure I knew what was happening at all times… she is supportive, professional and takes the time to guide you through the process.

Her Story
"Anybody could change the world… The only difference between those that fail and those that succeed is pure tenacity."
Her Story

Caitlyn E. Fletcher has an extensive background focusing on two specific areas in family law: high-net-worth divorce cases and extremely contentious high-conflict custody cases. She has years of experience guiding cases involving parental alienation, domestic violence, substance abuse, and many cases involving a narcissistic or manipulative and controlling partner.

As a leader in the firm, she oversees the strategy and process of each client’s matter to ensure first-rate quality representation throughout our organization.

Within her own cases, Attorney Fletcher brings a client-focused approach to strategizing a family law case so she can really understand why a certain result is important to allow her to negotiate in a way that gets the results that truly matter for her clients.

She has a depth of legal knowledge and courtroom experience and she is known in the family law arena as someone who is very detail-oriented, strong-willed, and a poised negotiator and litigator; in other words, someone who means business and does not let the antics of others get to her.

Although some cases have no choice but to go to trial due to the issues or the people involved in a divorce or custody matter, the majority of them settle. Attorney Fletcher’s strengths involve her ability to always be working toward getting the best results within a settlement while ensuring her clients are protected in case the communication and negotiations break down and the case is forced to trial.

Attorney Fletcher’s ability to use her skills and education to help people through some of the toughest times in their lives is exactly what made her passionate about family law. Having seen first-hand and having helped her own husband through his custody battle, this personal experience gave her a deeper connection to what she does and the clients she is able to help.


Some of Attorney Caitlyn Fletcher’s Career Highlights include:

  • Won sole legal and sole physical custody for a Father along with the right of the Father to relocate the child out of Massachusetts after trial
  • Had two false restraining orders thrown out that were obtained by a Mother who was attempting to alienate the child from the Father and subsequently won sole legal and physical custody for the Father
  • Defeated a request to reduce alimony where the husband was claiming he could no longer work
  • Allowed a client to retain a business worth over $4 million while only paying the ex-spouse 8% of the value
  • After a guardianship was awarded based on false allegations, Attorney Fletcher was subsequently able to get the Mother granted placement of the child until the guardianship was terminated on a permanent basis
  • Has negotiated numerous divorces where the parties had high-net-worth values and assets over $10 million
  • Obtained a divorce judgment on the date of the scheduled pretrial conference where the other side did not actively participate in the litigation
  • Successfully sealed a Father’s criminal history through the Massachusetts court system where the Mother had filed various criminal charges that the Father was found not guilty of
  • Won the reimbursement of attorney fees for a client where the opposing party was refusing to pay support according to the prior judgment
  • After an emergency change in custody to a Father where the Court declined to terminate his prior child support payment to Mother, Attorney Fletcher was able to obtain a credit to Father for the amount he had overpaid as well as a two-year retroactive support order entering payable by Father
  • Although a Mother was fighting to keep Father’s parenting time supervised, after trial, Attorney Fletcher obtained a judgment after trial awarding Father close to a 50/50 parenting schedule
  • After trial, in a case where a high-earning Wife refused to agree to an alimony payment to her Husband, judgment entered for her client granting him over $1,000 per week in alimony
  • Won a Father substantially more parenting time with his children where Mother had been attempting to minimize his time to only a few times per year as they had entered a prior agreement where Father represented himself that allowed for parenting time at the Mother’s discretion
  • Had a prenuptial agreement upheld after trial for her client where the Husband was arguing the prenup was not valid or enforceable
  • After judgment, Attorney Fletcher was able to negotiate a favorable settlement for our client to avoid a costly appeal the other side had filed

Attorney Fletcher graduated from Northeastern University School of Law in 2014 with her J.D. after previously attending the University of San Diego School of Law. She received her B.A. from the University of California, Irvine in 2011. She also served as a judicial intern for Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler of the U.S. District Court for Massachusetts.

When not working, Caitlyn loves spending time with her family or travels back to San Diego to visit her parents and the beach. She has a bonus son and two children from her marriage, and when Caitlyn is not shuttling back and forth between sporting events, their family loves to spend their time outside together hiking, fishing, camping, or hunting. Caitlyn and her husband also breed the best German Shorthaired Pointers!

Attorney Fletcher is based out of our Westborough office in Worcester County, but also regularly practices in Hamden County, Middlesex County, Suffolk County, Norfolk County, Essex County, and Franklin County.

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