Danah provides comprehensive legal support to help our cases achieve more ideal outcomes.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Documents Preparation
  • Court Filing Procedures
  • Legal Research
  • Client Support
Her Story
"Family is not "an important thing". Family is everything."
Her Story

Originating from the Philippines where family dynamics present unique challenges, Danah gained insight about how important her role is for people navigating this tough situation. She recognizes the potential for divorce to empower individuals and families seeking healthier dynamics, but also acknowledges the complexities and delicate nature of the process.

After finishing her undergraduate studies and with her eyes set on studying law, Danah earned her Juris Doctor that laid the foundation for her career in the legal field. Prior to her legal career and position with the O’Connor Family Law Team, she exhibited her adaptability and dedication by venturing into various fields. During her student years, she harnessed her skills as a transcriptionist and a business assistant, gaining insights that would prove invaluable in her future endeavors.

At O’Connor Family Law, Danah offers support to attorneys by aiding in the preparation of necessary documents to advance clients' cases forward. With being able to utilize technology in the legal field for drafting and conducting legal research, she is able to streamline processes effectively. Her attention to detail also ensures organized case files and case work priorities completed.

But Danah isn’t just about paperwork, she cares about the clients too. She is always ready to help in any way she can. She understands the emotional toll that legal proceedings can take on families and will ensure that preparations behind the scenes are conducted as smoothly as possible. Danah knows that working well with lawyers, clients, and other legal professionals, along with effective communication, are crucial factors to achieve optimal outcomes for families grappling with legal issues.

Danah remains dedicated to continuous learning and growth, actively seeking opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills in order to better serve the needs of clients and attorneys. In her leisure time, Danah finds joy in immersing herself in gaming, watching movies, and unwinding in the company of her loved ones, which includes her beloved cat and kittens. 

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