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When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy”.

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Hannah Rutley bio photoHannah Rutley bio photo
John Lennon

When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy”.

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Her Story
"Sometimes just listening to someone is the greatest gift you could give. "
Her Story

With years of experience handling high-stress family law issues, Hannah Rutley brings a kind-hearted compassion and listening ear to each case. She holds a soft spot for anyone who has felt misunderstood or struggled to make their voice heard because she has felt that pain in her life. This empathy for the struggles faced by clients every single day is what allows her to truly make a difference in difficult moments. Coming from a family of attorneys, Hannah has seen first-hand the massive impact that a legal team can have on the lives of clients. It is the memories of watching her family members change lives for the better that motivates her now to do the same.

But Hannah's commitment to supporting families doesn't end with her work for the firm. On the weekends, you might run into her volunteering at Father Bill's & MainSpring working towards their mission of supporting families facing homelessness or housing insecurity. She has also worked to reduce the prevalence of substance abuse in Massachusetts by becoming certified in and sharing guidance on Narcan Administration. Hannah's drive to serve our community is part of what makes her such a valued member of the firm family. Her education in public health and paralegal studies have created a unique blend of care that shows in her interactions with clients and the courts.

Hannah loves the great outdoors, and often spends her days with her boyfriend walking their Australian Kelpie/Black Lab puppy, Boone. Boone joins them for trips to Lake Winnipesaukee, although they do leave him at home for their more adrenaline-filled activities like boating, fishing, and skiing. She's a big travel-lover and tries to plan at least one or two vacations each year. If all else fails, Hannah finds that a beach day can be some of the best medicine for stressful weeks.

Based out of our Hanover office, Hannah's bright smile brings calm and kindness to the stressors of family law.

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