Jay Villarao

Graphic Designer

Jay leverages their passion to educate and inspire our communities through content creation.

If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint

Edward Hopper
Jay Villarao bio photo
Edward Hopper

If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint

Areas of Expertise

  • Graphic Design
  • Video Editing
  • Animation
  • Content Creation
Their Story
"I have a responsibility to help others express their true selves through my art."
Their Story

Born and raised in a tropical country, the Philippines. 

Jay is a self-taught artist and a self-proclaimed nerd.

As O’Connor Family Law’s Graphic Design Artist, Jay aims to create meaningful content that individuals may learn from, relate to, and sometimes even just bring out a laugh or two. Jay sees art as a way to help people realize that they are not alone in the struggles and challenges that they're going through. Jay understands that divorce and family law cases can be difficult and hopes to help people recognize that they don’t have to be alone in this process by offering new insights into both the legal and emotional sides of family law. Because O’Connor Family Law is ready to assist them in retracing their steps and guide them back to the right path!

Jay understands that it can be hard to speak for oneself because at a young age, they also struggled to express themself, let alone communicate with others. They thought they must be an introvert, until they discovered how to make use of their artistic talent. Jay realized they could utilize art to express emotions and translate visions into reality. This led Jay to pursue their art career, which helped them connect not only with other people, but also to themself.

Jay began their art career as a freelance artist. They were soon hired as a mangaka (manga artist) by Phantasm Publishing House, and later on as an artist of the webtoon “Prism”. This created a bridge to more opportunities that gave Jay enough experience, courage, and confidence to grow and progress as an artist. 

Jay's true passion lies in the realm of art and design. They have a unique ability to merge the principles of engineering and their creative talent that showcases the fusion of form and function of graphic arts and designing. Jay is constantly pushing boundaries to explore new forms of artistic expressions because they aim to leave a long-lasting impact, inspiring others to embrace their true selves. Jay views this as a responsibility.

Outside their professional endeavors, Jay finds peace through reading novel books, watching animes and k-dramas, playing online video games, and bonding with their one and only cutest daughter in the whole world.

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